NC N-70

Raptect NC N-70 tint rejects 48% of total solar energy and transmits 70% of visible light.

The highest-quality, longest-lasting window protection on the market. Raptect nano ceramic window tint technology filters 99% of UV and 95% of infrared rays. Long-lasting and cost-effective, it protects privacy, interiors, and the windows themselves while conserving energy and controlling temperatures. (Roll 5 x 100 ft)

  • Lasts up to 4X longer than other window tints
  • No glare, headlight distortion or “halo effect” 
  • No cell signal interference 
  • Energy saving temperature control
  • Protects and insulates windows

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Solar Energy

61.6% Transmittance

61.6% Absorbance

5.9% Reflectance

Visibile Light

70.9% Transmittance

7.6% Reflectance exterior

7.2% Reflectance interior

0.84 Emissivity

5.8 Winter U-Factor (W/m²°C)

0.6 Shading coefficient

0.52 Solar heat gain coefficient

118 Solar selectivity index – luminous efficacy (VLT/SC)

136 Light to solar heat gain factor (VLT/SHGC)

>99% Ultraviolet light blocked (@ 300 to 380 nm)

48% Total solar energy rejected

Professional Installation

Installed on the inside of a window, Raptect window tint conforms to flat or curved surfaces. Professional installation is recommended.

Smart Technology

Nano ceramic technology offers protection and temperature control for every season.  Keeping heat in through the winter and out during the summer, it minimizes the need for heating and cooling.

Lifetime Value

Choosing a high-grade window tint extends the lifetime of interior furnishings, windows, and the window film itself. Save on replacements and upkeep with a shield that will go the distance.

Why Raptect?

Solar Defense and Beyond

uv protection

increase safety

protect paint finish

temperature control

reduce glare

enhance style

window protection

improve privacy

manufacturer's warranty

NC N-10

Rejects 65% of total solar energy and transmits 10% of visible light.

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NC N-30

Rejects 57% of total solar energy and transmits 29% of visible light.

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NC N-40

Rejects 51% of total solar energy and transmits 59% of visible light.

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