Marine Window Tint

Marine windows have a specialized set of needs. They deal with round-the-clock full sun, constant water exposure, high wind, and unpredictable temperatures. These harsh conditions are a given on the water - and immediate access to repairs is not. That’s why no boat owner should take a chance on low-quality window treatments.

Why Nano Ceramic?

Nano ceramic window tint’s tough, long-lasting performance makes it the premier choice for boat tint. Created by infusing multiple layers of film with microscopic ceramic particles, nano ceramic technology offers the most color-stable, durable protection on the window film market. It filters 99% of UV and 95% of infrared rays, holds and secures shattered glass, and doesn’t degrade over time. It’s a smart and cost-effective solution.

Glare and UV Protection

Getting good UV protection makes a difference in a number of unexpected ways. First, nano ceramic tint's 99% effectiveness against UV keeps people and interiors safe from the serious damage that all-day sun exposure can cause. Boats remain pristine on the inside with no untimely fading, and people don't have to worry about skin damage or sunburn. Additionally, superior heat and glare rejection makes for clear views and comfortable travel day in and day out. Navigation is easier, and without having to constantly run the air conditioner, energy efficiency also goes up. These benefits are across the board for nano ceramic films - even if the tinting is light or clear.

Resilient Performance

Most importantly, no matter what conditions boat windows endure, nano ceramic tint will continue to protect them - uncompromised - for many years. Raptect nano ceramic lasts 3-4X longer than the average window tint. Once installed, boat owners can enjoy the benefits and forget about it.

Nano Ceramic Window Tint

The highest-quality, longest-lasting window protection on the market. Raptect nano ceramic window tint filters 99% of UV and 80% of infrared rays. Long-lasting and cost-effective, it protects privacy, interiors, and the windows themselves while conserving energy and controlling temperatures.

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