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UV and Glare Control

UV protection, cooling, and glare reduction are among the top reasons to tint vehicle windows. Raptect nano ceramic tint offers superior protection in each of these areas. Over 99% effective against UV rays, it keeps car interiors cool in the sun and protects drivers and passengers from harmful sun exposure. It also improves road safety and driveability by erasing glare and the “halo effect.”


Another great reason to tint windows is for increased privacy. Dark windows discourage burglars and all other unwanted attention. Without a clear view, would-be thieves and intruders aren’t able to plan or see what’s inside. This makes for increased safety and peace of mind - on the road and in the parking lot.


Quality window tint can protect - and even increase - a vehicle’s worth. Increasing curb appeal and keeping original features intact, nano ceramic window tint can do a lot to improve any vehicle’s value. Whether you’re installing it preventatively on a new car or during the refurbishment process,using nano ceramic tint is the best tool available for making sure the vehicle holds onto its quality.

Nano Ceramic Window Tint

The highest-quality, longest-lasting window protection on the market. Raptect nano ceramic window tint filters 99% of UV and 80% of infrared rays. Long-lasting and cost-effective, it protects privacy, interiors, and the windows themselves while conserving energy and controlling temperatures.

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