Nano Ceramic Architectural Window Tint

Architectural window tint is a cost-effective, long lasting solution to a myriad of residential and commercial design challenges.

Solve Design and Energy Problems

Windows can be a central concern for architects. Large windows and airy, well-lit spaces are beautiful, but they can cause poor temperature regulation and extensive sun damage throughout a building. Architectural window tint helps control these problems. Nano ceramic tint is especially good at permanently bringing down the cost of running and furnishing a building. Suppressing heat gain and blocking over 99% of UV rays, it keeps interiors from fading and sun damage, and protects people from UV-caused skin conditions.

Beyond Sun Protection

With nano ceramics, cooling and UV deflection are just the beginning. Raptect’s high quality tint has many other applications, ranging from security to style. First, it can give a building a dramatic, standout style. Tinted windows give commercial or public buildings a sleek, elegant look. They also add to home value.

High-grade tint can also lengthen window lifetimes and keep glass quality intact. Abrasion and scratch-resistant, it prevents nicks and pockmarks that tend to show up as time passes. Nano ceramic films also have excellent shatterproof properties, and can hold broken panes together. This can save property and even lives in accidents and storms. It can also deter burglars. Raptect tint has other safety and security benefits as well. High-opacity windows can protect privacy in homes, banks, and secure facilities.

Nano Ceramic Window Tint

The highest-quality, longest-lasting window protection on the market. Raptect nano ceramic window tint filters 99% of UV and 80% of infrared rays. Long-lasting and cost-effective, it protects privacy, interiors, and the windows themselves while conserving energy and controlling temperatures.

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