How To Choose The Best Window Tint For Your Car

If you like your car, installing window tint is one of the nicest things you can do for it. Not only can it keep the interior looking new, it can protect you from heat, harmful UV rays, privacy invasion, and even shattered glass. Not to mention, your car will look instantly more luxe from the outside. 

However, the best car window tint is not one-size-fits all. Your choice will depend on your needs, concerns, and what you can afford to spend. You may live in a hot, sunny area or spend a lot of time on the road. Maybe you desire more privacy, or simply want your car to look more expensive. All of these are valid reasons to tint your car windows, and there are well-suited options for each of them.

Educate Yourself

To choose the best window tint or film for your vehicle, there are several important factors to look at:

  • Material
  • Shade and opacity
  • Color Stability
  • Clarity
  • UV rejection (SPF Factor)
  • How long the tint will last

With these factors in mind, you’ll  be able to select the tint that best suits your needs and price range. 

Common Types of Car Window Tint

Dyed Tint

Dyed tint is one of the most accessible and economical types of auto window tint. Layers of dye between the adhesive and polyester outer coating reflect and absorb the sun’s rays. One of dyed tint’s main advantages is that it’s cheap. It can be an inexpensive vehicle facelift, making car windows look dark and matte from the outside. 

However, there are several drawbacks to dyed tint. One is that it simply doesn’t last more than a few years. It can “delaminate” over time (depending on the amount of sun exposure) and can turn from black to purple after extended sun exposure. It also doesn’t keep out as much heat or UV as higher-grade window films. 

Metalized Tint

Metalized tint, also called metallic window tint, works by reflecting the sun’s rays. Made with metallic particles suspended in a thick, multi-layer film, it offers better protection and cooling than dyed tint. It also has the added benefit of making windows significantly stronger. This being said, metallized tint has some serious downsides. It can block cell and radio signals along with GPS, and its reflective, shiny look is not appealing to some car owners. It will last around 5 years. 

Hybrid Tint

Hybrid films use both dye and metallized particles to combine the benefits of both tint types while reducing some of the negatives. It provides better sun protection and is more color stable than dyed films, but doesn’t interfere with cell signals. It also cuts down the mirror-like look of most metallic tints. However, it degrades in around the same time frame as cheaper options. 

Carbon Tint

Carbon film tint is a step up from dyed, metallized, and hybrid options. Like metallic films, it blocks most UV radiation and a little less than half of infrared (heat-causing) rays. And since it doesn’t contain metal, it won’t interrupt any  phone or GPS signals. It’s color-stable (meaning it won’t fade or change color over time), and many carbon tints come with long warranties. However, peeling, bubbling and creasing are as much of an issue as with any other tint, and it usually needs to be replaced at least every five years. 

how to choose the best window tint

Ceramic Tint

Nano ceramic window tint is the creme-de-la-creme of auto window films. Nonmetallic and nonconductive, it blocks 99% of UV and up to 95% of heat gain in a car without disturbing signals. Invisible ceramic particles provide superior protection on all fronts while keeping car windows looking matte and sleek. Parking in the sun will no longer turn your car into an oven. The best part is that  it won’t degrade quickly. Resisting scratches and peeling, it generally performs for at least a decade or longer. It’s considered across the board to be the best window tint film on the market. 

Of course, this kind of quality can come with a hefty price tag. Installing nano ceramic tint is an investment. If you don’t spend much time in your car or don’t plan to keep it long, it might not be worth the expense. But if you do want to truly protect yourself and your vehicle – in style – nano ceramic tint is worth every penny. 

how to choose the best window tint

There are also a variety of options within the ceramic tint family. The best ceramic window tint will vary depending on your needs and whether you have dark, lightly-tinted, or crystalline (clear) protection. The good news is that no matter which shade you choose, you’re guaranteed great UV protection and heat rejection. 

Know Your State’s Tinting Laws

Laws about how and where you can tint your windows vary from country to country and state to state, so make sure you know the regulations where you live. Professional tinting takes the guesswork out of this process, since you’ll have experts on hand who can help you navigate the options. If you travel frequently to other states, their window tint laws are also an important consideration. Most states don’t make a habit of ticketing drivers from other regions for dark or misplaced tint, but there’s always a chance it could happen. 

Know How to Maintain Your Window Tint

With good care, most window tints can last a long time. High quality ones like carbon and ceramic might even outlive your vehicle. This all depends on how you install and treat them. Dyed tints, which degrade from long-term UV exposure, will last longer if they spend less time in the sun. 

Invest in Professional Tinting

The best way to help your window tinting last is to have it properly installed. It’s tempting to cut costs by applying the tint yourself. However, this is risky and might even cost more in the long run. A botched job can cause the film to look bad and degrade in a fraction of their usual lifetimes. Professional installation, on the other hand, means you’ll have an expert advise your choice and apply the tint seamlessly. Your purchase may also come with a lifetime warranty.

how to choose the best window tint

The choice is up to you – it depends on the climate where you live, how much time you spend in your car, and how long you plan to keep it. Ultimately, the best window tint is the tint that fits your budget and your vehicle’s needs. Contact us today for more information!

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