UV Protection

UV exposure can damage your property and increase your risk of skin cancer. Our tints block 99% of the sun's harmful rays.

How Raptect Blocks Harmful Rays

Nano ceramic films use microscopic technology for big results. Invisible to the naked eye, tiny ceramic particles are fused into multiple thin layers that make up a single laminate sheet. The result is a window tint that is color-stable - meaning it won’t oxidize or get lighter over time - and incredibly effective against UV.

Vehicle UV Filter

The most important reason to install quality vehicle window tint is to protect yourself. UV rays contribute to nearly all premature skin aging, wrinkles, and skin cancers. Studies have even shown that most sun damage shows up on the drivers' window side of the body. Installing nano ceramic window tint gives you peace of mind on long drives or your daily commute, knowing you have a permanent, stable sun shield. This protection is effective across the board for nano ceramic films - even if the tinting is light or clear.

In the same way, nano ceramic window tint can keep car interiors looking new. No matter the tinting level, the films’ UV blockers hold discoloration and fading at bay. Even if you park your car outside in the sun on a daily basis, you can rest assured that it won’t age your seats or dashboard. Your car will stay in dealership condition for years or even decades.

Indoor Sun Protection

UV rays - responsible for interior fading, skin aging, and even skin cancers - can penetrate your windows and cause long-term photo damage. Nano ceramic window tint in a home or office building protects people and possessions from 99% of all UV radiation. Furniture and paint retain their color and quality, and most importantly, people inside stay safe from harm.


The results are in - nano ceramic tint beats out other treatments by a wide margin. Not only does it protect people and property in many different ways, it can cut down energy use and lasts 3-4 times longer than any other tint available. In the long run, superior protection pays for itself.


Step 1: Cleaning and Prep

All surfaces should be properly, professionally cleaned before tint is applied.

Step 2: Measurement

Windows should be carefully measured and the tint cut oversize to ensure an accurate application.

Step 3: Finishing

Tint is applied from the bottom, smoothed, and trimmed. Professional installation reduces the risk of bubbles or creases.

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