Comfort and Cooling

Transform the spaces where you spend your time. Cool down a car, home, or office for cost-effective comfort and reduced glare.

Temperature Control Technology

It’s hard to understand how a single sheet of window tint can keep a house or car comfortable even in the hot summer sun. But in the case of nano ceramic tint, there’s a lot of technology packed into that sheet. Actually made from multiple layers of ceramic-infused film, it filters heat with or without blocking light. It works to keep out both heat and UV radiation even in lightly-tinted or clear films, and it doesn’t degrade over the course of a few years.

Vehicle Comfort

Many auto window tints are created for style, not cooling. Installing nano ceramic tint in your car, however, will also bring down temperatures. In fact, the tint doesn’t even need to be dark for powerful heat rejection. With natural, everyday protection, you won’t need to stress your car’s air conditioning system or rely on open windows. And the comfort will last - Raptect nano ceramics last 3-4X longer than other window tints.

Cooling for Homes and Commercial Buildings

Raptect window tint can also provide long-term cooling and insulation in homes and commercial spaces. Natural light from large windows is beautiful, but it can make a building extremely hot in a short period of time. With nano ceramic tinting, you can cut down on air conditioning and still leave the blinds up. The best part is that it reflects heat outward in the summer and inward in the winter - truly an all-year solution.


The results are in - nano ceramic tint beats out other treatments by a wide margin. Not only does it protect people and property in many different ways, it can cut down energy use and lasts 3-4 times longer than any other tint available. In the long run, superior protection pays for itself.


Step 1: Cleaning and Prep

All surfaces should be properly, professionally cleaned before tint is applied.

Step 2: Measurement

Windows should be carefully measured and the tint cut oversize to ensure an accurate application.

Step 3: Finishing

Tint is applied from the bottom, smoothed, and trimmed. Professional installation reduces the risk of bubbles or creases.

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