Raptect Applications

uv protection

UV exposure can damage your property and increase your risk of skin cancer. Our tints block 99% of the sun's harmful rays

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glass protection

No matter the window type, our nano ceramic films hold shattered glass and keep breakage to a minimum

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comfort and cooling

Transform the spaces where you spend your time. Cool down a car, home, or office for cost-effective comfort and reduced glare

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energy saving

Nano ceramic tint brings down energy costs in both private homes and large, commercial buildings - no matter the season

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privacy and security

Protect privacy, discourage crime. Raptect tint reduces transparency and makes windows more difficult for intruders to break

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value and style

Customize your vehicle for a dramatic, impressive style. Increase the appeal of a car - or home - while protecting your assets

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Professional Installation

Installed on the inside of a window, Raptect window tint conforms to flat or curved surfaces. Professional installation is recommended.

Smart Technology

Nano ceramic technology offers protection and temperature control for every season. Keeping heat in through the winter and out during the summer, it minimizes the need for heating and cooling.

Lifetime Value

Choosing a high-grade window tint extends the lifetime of interior furnishings, windows, and the window film itself. Save on replacements and upkeep with a shield that will go the distance

Unique Applications


Hygienic options to increase patient privacy and energy efficiency in healthcare centers.


Privacy is security. Nano ceramic tint can increase glass opacity and strength in secure facilities


Protect sensitive electrical and tech systems from damage caused by sunlight and heat.

Industries We Serve


Vehicle windows are damage-prone. Improve their safety, lifespan, and sun protection with professional tinting.


Shipbuilding industries and boat repair businesses alike need quality tints to reduce UV damage, breakage risks, heat, and glare.


Enhance window performance with Raptect heating, cooling, and UV solutions for homes and commercial buildings.

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The Raptect Advantage

Cool, comfortable protection

Cooling comfort and protection from the sun’s harmful rays

Safe, secure, dependable

You can depend on Raptect window tints to protect your safety and privacy

Accurate, refined, detailed

Our tints apply accurately and imperceptibly for a sophisticated look.


We’re committed to providing exclusive products at exceptional price points.

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