About Raptect

Your Solar Protection Partner

Raptect is here to set a new standard in window tint. We offer our clients the best in quality, experience, and customer service.

Our Products

We provide expert, professional solutions for vehicles, homes, and commercial buildings. Raptect’s state-of-the-art heat rejection technology is backed by over 20 years of experience and testing. The result? The best and longest-lasting window tint available anywhere.

Our Team

Our experienced, knowledgeable team emphasizes quality and made-to-measure customer service. Our clients can expect nothing less.

The Raptect Advantage

Cool, comfortable protection

Cooling comfort and protection from the sun’s harmful rays

Safe, secure, dependable

You can depend on raptect window films to protect your safety and privacy

Accurate, refined, detailed

Our films apply accurately and imperceptibly for a sophisticated look

Company Info

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